So, you’ve got the flu.

Awww…poor baby…Or perhaps you know someone who does. Let’s see how we can help.

It’s a good chance that those P.J.s are p-r-e-t-t-y gamey right about now, so drop ‘em and throw on your warm, cozy Fuzzy Duds!

Duh…Why didn’t you think of that?

You’re sick!   

When guys are feeling like you know what, water, chicken soup, the game and Fuzzy Duds are just the goodness you need. You know that when your doctor tells you to stay hydrated and warm, read between the lines…he means drink water - my friend, climb into your Duds, put on your Fuzzy Beanie or Headband, and turn on the game, Survivor, or The Bachelor.

During halftime, take your aspirin, and Nyquil ™. Fight this thing, fight it! You can do this! At a moment’s notice, you can drop and give ‘em twenty, you can win a pie-eating contest, and you know what a flywheel does, so getting over the flu should be a piece o’ cake. (This is probably making you hungry about now, which is a good thing to help bring back your strength), but by lying low, taking your meds, and keeping warm in your comfy, Fuzzy Duds, you ARE going to kick this thing! (Unlike the missed extra point by Jake Elliott in the Eagles – Falcons game).

The bottom line is let your Fuzzy Duds help get you well. Fuzzy Duds…They’re not just for breakfast (attire) anymore.