You can pick your poison, pick your nose, but you can’t pick your relatives. It’s a good thing that’s not true of your choice of Fuzzy Duds!

Stayin’ in, goin’ out? Get your Fuzz on and pick your team. Your Duds will keep you warm, lookin’ cool, collected, and in style! Does it match your team jersey? Yeah, right! You’re recovering from the flu and just want to win the pool! 

When you wear your Fuzzy Duds along with your beanie, you will be the epitome of cool! Friends will be SO jealous and of course, will want to know where they can snag some. When they realize how awesome your camo print is, they’ll absolutely have to have ‘em.

Watch out for all those dips at the party. They’re everywhere and will try to score your Duds. When that one meatball tries to get to your Duds, be elusive, and evade contact! Be aware of the wings. They’re flyin’ from hand to hand, and when the pool is announced, my money is on the BBQ sauce. The salsa, a spicy little number, will solicit you to get to your duds. Get the chip off your shoulder, and don’t make a mess.   

Oh, and don’t let John (you know there’s a John at every party) talk you out of them. He can run with scissors, he can run with the bulls, but he can’t run with your Fuzzy Duds. Tackle him, protect your men and your Duds too.

Fuzzy Duds: Fleece for the best of us.