Honest Abe Lincoln, 16th President of the U.S. is having a birthday, on Monday, February 12. We usually celebrate it along with the other presidents’ birthdays in February, on Presidents’ Day. Get your candles, balloons and cake on!

In honor of Mr. Lincoln, you may honestly wear your Fuzzy Duds on his special day. You don’t need to flip a penny, although, if you have more than one pair of Fuzzy Duds, this would be a great way to choose which pair to wear.

Don’t be a slave to jean shorts, or khakis. Emancipate yourself and wear that FUZZ! No one’s civil liberties will be violated, nor will you be required to save a union, unless you are the Union boss. If so, do it in your Duds! 

Do not go to war over our Duds. We have more than enough to go around. We have camo, we have bubble duckies, we have stripes, and solids, and fun prints. We have head gear such as headbands and beanies. We’ll keep you warm, cozy, and stylish. Sorry, no stovepipe hats here, not that they’re uncool or anything.

We, at Fuzzy Duds, appreciate you. We don’t expect you to give an Address, unless you are making a purchase, which we hope that you will.

Happy birthday, Mr. Lincoln.