We, at Fuzzy Duds, want to wish you a warm, cozy, colorful, comfortable, stylish, and Happy New Year! We want to say thank you for putting our drawers into yours this past year. We have added new styles, colors, and fuzz in 2017, and couldn’t have done it without you…Well, we could have, but didn’t want to.

Your spending habits may be our bread and butter, but we just roll with it, since we like your spending habits. If you know friends who haven’t tried Fuzzy Duds, OMG - encourage them to be the warmest and most comfortable they have ever been before! Friends don’t let friends wear knockoffs or other brands!

With so much more vacation left, and most likely gifts to explore and have fun with, do it in Fuzzy Duds. We urge you to Call the Fleece if someone has hidden or taken your Fuzzy Duds, or worse yet, failed to buy them for you.

We, at Fuzzy Duds, wish you a New Year that will keep you in the most comfortable fleece ever. Sports, reading, walking, working will never be the same. Everyone else is doing it, so get a pair, my friend…and try the new fad – being warmly surrounded by mood altering comfort.

We will see you on the other side of 2018, and we expect to hear all about your experiences in Fuzzy Duds! Let us know how you like ‘em!