Looking for clothing that’s just as comfortable in the great outdoors as it is for relaxing on your couch? Fuzzy Duds shorts have the versatile fleece material you need in the latest looks for the spring season!

Fuzzy Duds, a clothing brand based in Danville, CA, has launched a new spring collection of their high quality fleece shorts. The collection features seasonal colors and pattern designs you can order in sizes for women, men, and children.

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The spring Fuzzy Duds collection offers you fresh, on-trend designs for a versatile base layer that can keep you comfortable in a wide range of temperatures. The variety of sizes and patterns ensures you can find a pair of shorts to suit your unique style.

Shorts from Fuzzy Duds keep you warm during colder outdoor activities with their 100% polyester fleece content. The shorter length is a cooling alternative to full length pants when you find yourself at home, in warm weather, or participating in physically demanding activities.

You can choose from the original Fuzzy Duds men’s cut or the flattering women’s Dukes. The men’s shorts feature a flexible drawstring waistband and large side pockets. You can wear them as a unisex style, and they are also available in youth sizes. The Dukes style features the same soft fleece and elastic draw cord waist with a lower rise, shorter length, and closer fit without pockets.

In addition to their signature fleece shorts, the company offers you headwear in warm headband and beanie styles. All products from Fuzzy Duds are handmade in the USA and available to ship to you worldwide through the company’s online store.

Fuzzy Duds was founded by Steven “Cowboy” Johnson, who was inspired to create a base layer that would be equally comfortable indoors and during his recreational activities in Northern California’s outdoor settings. He began sewing the fleece shorts that became the classic men’s Fuzzy Duds design in 2002 using a borrowed machine. The company continues to regularly expand their online product range to include new sizes, styles, and pattern designs.

A spokesperson for the company said: “In Fuzzy Duds, you’ll be wearing the ultimate in comfort clothing. Wear them to relax or go out. In fact, we prefer that you go out so that you can tell everyone you know about your good fashion sense. No pressure, just want to spread the good news about our cozy fabric and help you be cool while feeling warm and comfortable. You’ll have a leg up on your friends when you make Fuzzy Duds your fleece favorites!”

Fuzzy Duds shorts have the soft fleece to keep you comfy as the weather changes and the eye-catching patterns to keep you looking your best all season long!

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