We are entering in to the most popular time of giving. That said, why not do some giving to yourself? I mean it’s nice to give to others and we totally want you to do that! Truly, Fuzzy Duds IS the perfect gift! Think about it…comfort, appeal, style, color, texture, warmth…we can’t cover your Starbucks bill, we cannot cover the walls, but we will cover thighs, knees, bottoms, and heads. That’s almost a chicken.    

Fuzzy Duds are versatile. Think about that too. You have a hat or a headband. You have duds or dukes. We totally give you your choice, but then, who needs to choose? We want you to be warm and in style! You can do that in Fuzzy Duds, and look at your choices! For the ladies, we have Bubble Ducks, Gia Dukes, Panda Cain Dukes, Wakanda and Black Hibiscus Dukes…there are so many more styles to stash in your closet, or closets.  Guys, you have Hot Rod Duds, Green Camo, Lewis Duds AND Clark Duds. You even have Johnson and Freedom (in more ways than one.) We’ll cover you!

Now about the giving part. The holidays are upon us and we know that you will be shopping with your significant other...Oh, you didn’t know that yet. Anyway, you may just need a size since each pair of Fuzzy Duds is comfortable, colorful, and respectful. We’d love for you to remember Fuzzy Duds this holiday season for all of your gift-giving. Oh, and remember Mom. She does a lot for you. She’d love a headband to hold her hair back when she’s cooking, or a hat when she’s running out to do YOUR laundry.

Duds and Dukes…for the savvy shopper! Happy Holidays.