What to wear, what to wear! We, at Fuzzy Duds are on it, and want to be on you! Fuzzy Duds is the cool short to wear all year ‘round. Wear ‘em for warmth, wear ‘em for quality. We have ducks, we have camo, we have flames, plaid, plain, skulls, and patriotic stars & stripes. We have your back and will front you the style!

We, at Fuzzy Duds, pride ourselves on quality, design, and the array of patterns to select from. We’re happy to say that Fuzzy Duds is a family thing. When both the man and woman wear the shorts in the family, you now have Fuzzy Duds, made from 100% fleece, in America.

In Fuzzy Duds, you’ll be wearing the ultimate in comfort clothing. Wear them to relax or go out. In fact, we prefer that you go out so that you can tell everyone you know about your good fashion sense. It’s close to the holidays, so we’d be proud if you would purchase a few pair for gifts. No pressure, just want to spread the good news about our cozy fabric and help you be cool, while feeling warm and comfortable.

You’ll have a leg up on your friends when you Make Fuzzy Duds your Fleece Favorites!