Now ladies, we know that you need a nice gift for your guy/dude this holiday season. In some circles, you might need more than one for him, and we know that you might have different moods surrounding your relationship.

If you’re feeling like he should be invisible at some point, we suggest camo wear. We’ve got your shorts, we’ve got your headbands and we’ve got your hats to simply make him disappear for a while. If you’re feeling a little unappreciated, we’ve got flower Dukes just for you. Dukes will always lift a girl’s spirits.

The thing with Fuzzy Duds is that you just can’t go wrong…ever! They are always a good choice for any mood. Feeling a little plaid…patriotic? We have stars and stripes…yes, forever! If you’re feelin’ a little pampered, I’m thinkin’ Bubble Ducks. You see, we have it all! No excuses. If you want comfort, you want style, we have it all, to make you smile!

Remember that children LOVE Fuzzy Duds too. You’ve got a snow day from school? Make it a Fuzzy Duds chill day. We got your black – black hibiscus that is! Check us out at