OK, Girls, put up your Dukes! No wait, pull up your Dukes! Don your Duckies, Crunch in Camo, Flex in Flowers, and belly up to the exercise bar…It’s time for a workout in America’s favorite fleece!  

Our Fuzzy Dukes are great for keeping THAT part of you warm, while showing off the rest. With this fabulous weather, your dukes will keep you cool, while keeping you cool. Wear them places like the gym where you can uncover up.

Our Fuzzy Dukes are made of 100% fleece, are warm, cozy, comfy, colorful and stylish. You can wear them anywhere, and with so many colors and bold prints, you may inspire wallpaper.

Work out, walk out, week in and week out. When we say CYA, we mean with Fuzzy Dukes! 

For a short-lived life, get those Dukes up!